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by gloria on January 8, 2015

New article!  I was interviewed by Broadway World in advance of the American Dance Guild Festival — reminding me of who I am!     GM




July 12 Performance Great Success!

by gloria on July 17, 2014

audience wide 7:12 Peter Puce

Weather was perfect. First choreography was the audience up by the pond. Dancers emerged into the setting sun, traversing the open space of the sculpture field, leading the audience into the barn, linking indoors to out, settling into the concert of four dances.

Colleen Blacklock, a former Hawkins dancer now living in Oneonta, wrote this response as an open letter to the artists:

Saturday July 12th LIFEDANCE at Squid Farm, Andes, NY

To Gloria McLean (choreographer), Ken Hiratsuka (sculptor), Bill Trigg (musician/composer), and Lifedance dancers, from an audience member:

We were given a modern-day ritual communicating information directly through our many sense doors and stretching and loosening the boundaries of our conceptualization of experience. In contrast to a virtual cloud delivering shrink-wrapped experience to elicit neat bursts of adrenaline and oxytocin, this rogue ritual brought us a vast array of experiential phenomena rich with sensory information inviting us to participate fully.


We gathered on the hill at the pond, as the sun was setting, lush green reaching and enveloping our view. Many people in twos and threes proceeded slowly up the mountainside, stopping to look at the ancient rock forms protruding from the slope. We arrived at the water’s edge and sat to face the valley below and the looming mountain, our vision pulled outward and across in all directions. The sounds of a lone musician drifted, rose and fell, with the vibrations of the birds and insects. Steady notes were answered by the song of frogs in the upland pond.


We became the watchers. One by one, soft human forms dressed in white moved upward into view. Human forms shifted silently with slow deliberate steps and gestures against the spreading green landscape. Some of the people in white were almost near enough to reach out and touch and others were in the distance as they raised their arms toward one another or turned in spirals melting to the ground.



We were drawn to a threshold, pulled into a landscape, crossing through the doorway into a liminal space between everyday existence and the symbolism of our minds.





We watched as the figures in white mingled in pairings and groups, tiny against a vast canvas of green, pierced by streaks of light from the sun setting behind the trees. Their secrets remained untold as they drifted back down the hill, and stopped briefly at a stone monolith to reach skyward.

Bridge Music

We followed down into the old barn to see the dancers in sharp relief against wooden plank walls and large round stones with ancient hieroglyphics. The sounds rose up clearly, vibrating the still air.


They say our brains are endowed with mirror neurons; that when we see another human being in a state of emotion or experiencing something, we feel the other’s experience in our own bodies.

To witness the unfolding of a dance so close was a gift, an invitation to be present and allow time to stop for a moment while we coexisted, barriers and boundaries melting away, reminded of our immanence.

SLIDE edited Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 2.28.42 PM


Together, in this liminal space, our notions of what it means to be human were challenged. The layers of meaning evaporated as she reached forward and across her body consolidating her intention into precisely shaped gestures.DSC01038










They leaned into one another and we, the watchers, quietly enveloped the space with our attention. Their faces entwined, hands touching, bodies twisting and falling away, seeming to play out a familiar story from our memories.

Trio 1DSC01067Trio 2



And then they appeared out of the darkness, perfectly formed and chiseled faces, eyes seeing – the watched also became the watchers and we squirmed in our bodies feeling our own edges and our nakedness.

Written by:  Colleen Blacklock , former dancer, writer, and acupuncture practitioner in Oneonta, NY.

Photos by: Peter Puce and Sarah Ferguson






Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 2.43.06 PM



DSC01088 - Version 2DSC01074










Lifedance @ Squid Farm July 12 – Performance!

June 11, 2014
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Image collaborations with Klaus Lucka

November 26, 2013

Figure —  choreographed by Gloria McLean 2013; new video transfiguration by Klaus Lucka shown in Dance on Camera Festival at Furman Gallery, 165 W. 65th Street, Jan. 31-Feb. 4, 2014. See video: Original dance 7 min; Klaus’ video is 15 min, because it’s looped.     “Lion Dance Between Old Trees” short […]

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LIFEDANCE Performance October 14, 2012 at 92Y

September 27, 2012

LIFEDANCE/GLORIA MCLEAN & DANCERS presents Dancing Without Illusion: A Tribute to Painter Will Barnet And other new works 92nd Street Y Sundays at Three October 14, 2012 3 pm. 1395 Lexington Ave. NYC Tickets $15 Online at By phone 212.415.5500, or at the box office Choreography by Gloria McLean Dancers: Robert Yahner, Stephanie Schwartz, […]

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